Our offering

Our Offering

We offer products & solutions to our clients & partners from one or more of the three expert groups that exist within PRATIAN. And they are…

PNC – Projects & Consulting

We – PRATIAN offer technology & learning solutions of lasting strategic value to our client organizations. Our solutioning starts with a discovery process including structured requirements gathering process through critical program management skills and architectural expertise to ensure that the projects remain aligned with organizational goals.

The current offerings of PNC include the following:

    1. Product Development Service
      • Concept-to-Delivery Product Lifecycle Solution
    2.  Custom Development Solutions
        • Web Application Development
      • Smart Client Development
    1. Information Worker Solutions
      • Portals and Collaboration
      • Enterprise Content Management and Forms
    2.  Mobility SolutionsRep
    3. Reporting, Business Intelligence & Analytics Solutions
  1. Technology Infrastructure Management
    • Vulnerability Assessment Service
    • Remote Support Service
    • Managed Services
  2. Campus Management Solutions
  3. Enterprise Learning Solutions
  4. Enterprise Assessment Solutions
  5. Application UI-UX Solutions

The program and technology management team works to ensure optimal solutions that are future-proofed with the right architecture, and incorporate best practices to deliver secure, reliable, robust and scalable solutions. The management ensures that the technology projects go through the full life-cycle to meet required service levels and provide headroom for future growth retaining the recently adopted agile scrum way of working across all departments in our organization.

PNI – Product & Innovation

The leadership team at PRATIAN comes with strong passion and expertise in building IT & Educational products. PRATIAN’s Products & Innovation (PNI) is a strategically crucial line of business setup with a desire to perfect product development life-cycle. PNI is driven was incubated by providing expert consulting to niche requirements of our global clientele using industry best practices.

Over the years we’ve not only applied the known Best Practices and Code Smells but also identified unknown newer ones helping us evolve PRATIAN Architecture Consulting Framework (PACF) & PRATIAN Requirement Engineering Framework (PREF). We’re now equipped on creating highly disruptive innovations and yet complying with the core philosophy of delivering solutions with all three facets of business excellence namely: (a) Product Leadership, (b) Customer Intimacy and (c) Operational Efficiency

  • AssessRite
  • CampusOne
  • eDiary

PRATIAN Incubation & Social Innovation Labs (PISIL)

  • NammaNimmaCycle